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Hey Everyone It’s Been So Long!!!!

Hey my friends. OMG it’s been like forever since I’ve been on here. Well over a year. Oh well time to update it and come on here more often right? RIGHT!!!

So what’s new with me? Here I’ll tell you. I’ve been working @ Arby’s for over 2 years and 4 months now. Longest job I have been working at. And still the first one I’ve gotten since I graduated from WELS North. So glad to be done with that school. So much drama and crap. That’s been 2 years ago Idk why I’m still talking about it. Grrr life goes on. Anyways I love working at Arby’s. Great co workers and managers who are friendly, funny and total goofballs and just want to get the job done. I’ve been through so many bf’s in the past year it’s crazy… I remember them all here we go!

Boyfriends from March 2010-present!

March 2010 - May 2010 - Chad Meyer: douche bag who owes me a shit load of money. He used me for my money and to get to other girls. I officially hate his guts. He was a sweetheart but in reality I knew he was faking it the whole damn time.

June 9 th 2010 – September 2010 – Derek Stuart: My all time favorite boyfriend. He’s my best friend ever since we broke up last year. I will always love him forever and ever no matter what. He was my first true love and I had my first kiss ever with him. We went to so many places… Rosedale, Maplewood, MOA, shopping, movies in his room and so much more. We watched movies in his room and lay in bed together. We actually slept together last Sunday that was romantic. We have so much in common especially our train stuff. We have a connection that will never ever be broken no matter what. I love you lil bro Derek.

November 2010 – Andrew: That was a romantic relationship that just didn’t work out. That’s all I’m going to say about that one.
Thanksgiving 2010 – december 2010 – Jim: He was sweet and kind but he just wanted way too much out of me and most of it was inappropiate.

March 2011 – Cory: That one went pretty well. Except he had issues and he also lived in a group home that was so strict we only went on 2 dates over the course of 3 months.

July 5th 2011 – September 17th 2011 Tony: Now this is my second favorite relationship of all time. I still have feelings for him but his are easier to hide than Derek’s cause Derek still flirts with me all-the-time. I am over Derek but I still wish I would’ve treated both of these guys better.
Tony was my true love at first sight. A great kisser and so much more. He showed me a good time. One set back was his anger issues and sometimes he would let them get the best of him and he would yell at me for stupid little things. I love you always and forever but not as much as Derek hope u understand that.

Present: Matt Stratton – my current bf is such a sweetheart its great. I need someone to support me and trust me for who I am and Matt is that kind of guy. There you go those are all my guys up til now.

So much has changed within the past year. Brian Thompson and I are not friends anymore and it’s still a mystery to me as to why we aren’t friends. We have been friends like since high school. What happened? Guess I’ll never find that one out. I stopped talking to Anna and Elizabeth after march thanks to the help from Derek and Emily my main best friends. Derek is my lil bro and hbbf4l (secret name). Derek and I hang out all the time it’s a great thing. He’s my other half. We went to 3 fb games this year together. I got a new ipod and he helped picked out the case and screen protector for it. I am updating my room as well.

This september I joined Agape Bible Study Group. We meet every Monday evening from 7-9 pm. I met many great friends there and it’s a blast. I am so glad Derek got me to join. My life has been better since then.

Last Saturday morning my grandpa died in his sleep in his bed. Derek was the first friend that I told about what happened. Then he told his mom. He felt so bad for me and his mom even offered to take me driving for now on.

After work I went home and Derek met me at my house. Nobody was home so we climbed the fence and I changed in the backyard. Then we went back into the front yard and waited for everyone to come home. Then Derek and I went inside with my family and Derek and I went into my room (even thou no guys allowed). We hung out in there and I showed him all of my stuff. And I packed up my stuff for my sleepover @ his house. We talked to my family and at the end talked to my grandma and told neighbors about what happened. Then we went to Emily’s bday party @ olive garden when his mom came and picked us up. We ate great food. We were going to go somewhere afterwards but everyone wanted to go home instead. We also took plenty pictures. I went home with Derek his mom came and picked us up. Then we went to his house. I drank some of my pop and Derek’s mom patched up my burn from work. We talked on the phone with Rachel then shut off the phone cuz she kept talking and we wanted to play with the ps3. Then I got into a pair of his pjs while he took a shower. Wow I loved his hair wet then it was so soft afterwards. Then we went to bed. The next day I ate breakfast while he went to work and then I took my medicine for my asthma and then took a nice shower. After that I put on one of the favre viking jerseys Derek gave me along with jeans and stuff. Then I went into his room and finished the milk and got my mountain dew. Also made popcorn. I watched football with his dad and put pics on my fb using Derek’s moms laptop. Then Derek got home from work while I was watching the game and he lost his phone at work. His mom yelled at him as usual. (found it today at work thank goodness :) ) then I hung out with him in his room and you don’t wanna know what happened next cause it was romantic, lol really it was. Then his mom brought me home after getting me mcdonalds for dinner.
I spent the evening hanging out with family.

Monday was work and I hung out with Derek

Tuesday Derek came with family to the visitation. That was the nicest thing he’s ever done for me just haven’t told him that yet. I loved that he bonded with my family so well.

Today I worked then hung out with Derek he helped rack the leaves with me and hung out and used the computer with me.

Tomorrow I work then hang out with Derek, Arby’s and hub hobby… maybe rake more leaves.

Very long entry. Well that’s what you get when I haven’t been on for over a year ok. Talk to u later bye

Love, Lisa



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