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Hey :)

Hey everyone whats up? Nothing much is up with me OMG I haven't journaled in such a long time. And this is my first journal entry on this one. I forgot my password for my other livejournal. Oh well I plan to update this one alot. I've been on facebook so much lately. I update my myspace but not as much or often as my facebook. I've added a bunch of friends and kept in touch with some of my friends. I've been adding alot of pictures and more. This is what I've been doing up til now!

August: Still dating my boyfriend Chad and working at Arby's. I love that job alot. Hung out with Anna and Mae this month. Had a sleepover with Mae and that was alot of fun. We took so many pictures with both of our cameras, added pictures and music to our ipods, watched movies, read, went on facebook, ate lots of food and so much more.

September: Went to the state fair with Anna! We went on rides, ate food, took lots of pictures with my digital camera, her cell phone and in a photo booth. We hung out at her house before going to the state fair. We did makeup and took pictures. Also at the state fair got Sven's autograph, hung out with Anna's pca and so much more. Went to the Walker Art Center with Brian! We had a tour and went on facebook. We went out to eat at Quizno's! We also took pictures! Dating Chad and loving my job at Arby's.

October: Met Brian's girlfriend Catherine! We went out to eat and took some pictures! She's really nice and a good friend to me now. I had lots of fun with the both of them. Went to a movie with Anna! We took some pictures. Hung out at Anna's house and took lots of pictures :) I put on some of her dresses I can't believe I can fit into some of her small clothes. Halloween at Anna's house: Hung out with Anna, Emily, Elizabeth and Alex. We watched movies and took lots of pictures. Anna took lots of pictures of herself lol. We ate chicken for dinner I love chicken its one of my favorite foods! We visited in Anna's room. Alex didn't talk that much. She's shy but oh well she's a great friend. When we went bowling she didn't go with us. It was fun we got free pizza and pop!

November:Went to the mall with Brian: We went shopping around and we ate in the food court. We only had time to take one picture! We also went to the dog park with his dogs and I met his family. I love my job at Arby's and always will. Thanksgiving was awesome! The Packers beat the Lions! And ate lots of turkey! Didn't do much this month.

December: Hung out with Brian! We went to the mall by his house. I shopped and we ate ate Taco Bell. We also went to other stores and had lots of fun. Christmas was awesome. Hung out with my family and took lots of pictures!

This month I hung out with Elizabeth 2 times! The first time we went to the mall and hung out at her house. We shopped and took pictures. We played with her dogs and watched t.v. We ate lots of food. And cleaned up her room a little. The 2nd time we hung out at her house. We cleaned her room and the kitchen. We ate lunch and played with her dogs. We took lots of pictures and made videos. I had fun with her. I also hung out with Brian and Catherine. Catherine made me a purse for Christmas and Brian bought me a digital photo frame. It was on my Christmas list yay. I love those gifts. We went online and played card games. We went out to eat at Culvers for dinner lots of fun :)


Thats all for now.


<3 Lisa


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