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Hey :)

How is everyone doing? I am doing great. I am actually updating this sooner than I thought I would be. Lol :)
I edit facebook almost everyday, talking to friends, adding pictures and so much more. I have over 820 friends on there now. Wow that’s a lot lol. I am pretty good at keeping in touch with my friends. I never want to lose touch with my closest friends or my bf, I’m just one of those people.

Ok so I mentioned my bf above and let me tell you who it is. It is actually someone I dated last year. But this time he promised to commit his love to me and not break up with me after just 2 months he actually wants to date me for the longest time possible this time. Give up? I’m back together with my long time love Derek Stuart <3 of course. There was something inside me telling me that I need to put him first and make him happy. Whatever makes him happy I am happy too of course. He’s pouring his love, heart and passion to me. I love him forever and ever don’t want to leave him. He’s my everything. The best thing that’s ever happened to me for sure and I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to him too he actually said that to me in a text this morning. Right now he’s at work working hopefully. Missing him like crazy on the bright side we’re going on a dinner/lunch date @ culvers after he gets off work. He’s meeting me @ my house and we’re walking to culvers hand in hand so romantic. Tomorrow is my hang out day @ his house. I so can’t wait and it’s supposed to rain that day and he wants to kiss me in it but he’s going to surprise me as to were by the house and how he’s going to do it. It’s my first time I’m so excited <3 can’t wait to see him later today my lover boy sexy football star of a bf <3

Work is going good. My old work helper Cindy came in yesterday and caught me by total surprise. I had no idea they were at Capitial View. I am doing everything @ Arby’s now. I love my job. 2 years and 4 months and counting :)
I miss my friends. I finally have a movie date for the Breaking Dawn part 1 movie… of course that’s Derek :) I wish Brian Thompson and I were still friends. Oh well. Caitlin is in Texas with Alex. I don’t see Anna or Elizabeth (I hate her) anymore. Mae and I haven’t hung out in 2 years. I don’t hang out with Gina anymore. I’ve been hanging out with Derek a lot and I think that’s how our connection got stronger and sparks flew again :) I seen Emily and I made an effort to hang out with my friends from bible study. Love my friends, family and bf of course <3

Post more later… :)

Love, Lisa



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